Tuesday, 11 February 2014

The Hidden Memorial Park of Self Sacrifice.

Though I am currently very rural, I have had 3 or 4 periods when I lived in London, 3 of those close to The City. But when I was visiting a friend the other week we went on an explore (via the Museum of London, which I would recommend anyone to go to - great costume collection - I love the Regency pleasure gardens exhibit!), and she showed me this place which I had never seen before.

Like so many gems in London this memorial is hidden in a small park. I would have only have found without being shown if I had happened to stumble into that little park - it doesn't announce it is there, it is just quietly memorialising in a way which suits the everyday immensity of what it represents. Underneath an unassuming wooden awning there are a number of ceramic plaques in memory of ordinary people who lost their lives trying to save others - relatives or strangers - they sacrificed themselves. I found this place hugely moving - its understated quality highlighting even more the immensity of these actions. There is little more I can say, other than that I am happy that this collection of memorials exists. I will upload some photos to expand this memorial in some little way, and let you experience a little of it yourself in case you never stumble across it.